Who Buys a Diamond Online?

Gone are the days when you would go to one or two jewelry stores and stress about not being able to find the perfect one. Your choices seem limitless as you turn on your computer, connect your device to the wifi, and search for an wedding ring worthy of being worn for a long time.

Online shopping is a great option for those who live outside of town areas. Living in cities may have access to hundreds of jewelry shops, but in the suburbs, a chain store like a Zales might be it. We choose Fonder Diamond, a jewelry company that offers a wide range of diamonds to fit different engagement ring setting and preferences. If they want variety, the internet is the only convenient option. Other retailers like Cartier sells rings too.


This elongated shape exudes elegance and refinement. The step-cut faceting is perfect for someone on the more understated side. For those who skew classic with an edge, this cut definitely nailed it.

A bubbly personality loves a radiant cut. The brilliant faceting and rectangular shape is charming for those who love a lot of sparkle and flash!


Women who gravitate towards a pear cut is bold to wear a little out of the ordinary. These unique cuts also create the illusion of elegant and long hands.